Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in everything we do. We aim to be a circular and climate positive company while being a fair and equal workplace. It’s all part of our DNA, just as with our closest relatives and primary source of inspiration, the chimpanzees. Occupying a special place in our hearts, we continuously invest in the protection of their populations and habitats. 

Made to last

Garments from Majmun Athletics are made for the long run. Resistant to the wear and tear of stiff competition, they are designed for high performance in a timeless style. Through the use of durable materials and a meticulous attention to detail throughout the production chain, we are able to make products without an expiration date.

Ambitious goals, athletic focus

Working with a circular mindset, we always strive to do more, finding new challenges along the way. We focus on all levels of our production chain where we see room for improvement. We also believe that the care we put into factory conditions and material selection warrants better garments, not just for the people who wear them, but also for the people who make them, as well as our planet.

Transparent and willing to share

We believe in full transparency, from fields and factories to stores and the routes in between. Whenever we reach a breakthrough ourselves or find a supplier that does something extraordinary - it is our moral obligation to share this with the world and with other retail companies. Moving forward together is the only way to tackle the challenges of climate change.


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